Basic Information

SINO-MINEMET International Co., Ltd (A/K/S :SINO-MINEMET)is comprised as International group Corp and its trading Company :Sino-Minemet International trade (tianjin) Co., Ltd registered in Tianjin Free Trade Zone in 1999. and Investment Company registered in Hongkong in 2001 as main source of finance; Chinmetal Trade & Consulting Co.,Ltd established in Beijing in 2003 to provide Information of Ferroalloys and trade consultation. SINO-MINEMET International Trade business: Export Ferroalloys ,Non-ferrous Metals, Graphite products, Rare Earth Products, Steel products, Metal forging and Casting, Ductile Iron pipes, fittings, valves ,Special and Noble Ferroalloys, Inoculants and Metals Powder. Refractory Products etc. SINO-MINEMET has its own plants producing: Calcium Metal, Calcium Silicon, Ferro Silicon Magnesium, Metal powders and Metal forging and Casting. SINO-MINEMET’S import products are: Cupper Concentrates, Chromium Ores, Manganese Ores, Iron Ores and steel Scraps. Spare parts of Machinery& Equipment relating to Mining industry. SINO-MINEMET’ trade consulting is to provide Daily Information on ferroalloys and steels independently and Investment company is to get financial support.


Trader (International)