Basic Information

A wire producer company dealing with steel wire; Low-carbon cold-worked and annealed wire, zinc-coated or uncoated, Welding wire of SV08, SV08A, SV08G2S types, Steel welding wire with copper coating, SV08G2S type, Wire for reinforced concrete structures, VR-1 types, Carbon wire for reinforcement of prestressed ferroconcrete structures, VR-2 type, Carbon structural wires St.10, St.20, Carbon steel wire for cold upsetting, Steel wire core, St.60, Wire of bearing steel for cold upsetting, One strand barbed wire -aluminum wire - Wire netting: welded, twisted, woven and wicked - Nails of following types: construction, tare, roofing, clout, slate; molding pins - Non-insulated wires of A, AS and PS types for aerial power lines - Steel enamelware.


Wire / Steel Rope Producer