Basic Information

The Tianjin glory regulation unites the steel and iron group Limited company (i.e. glory steel) is take the steel and iron as the principal work, the stepping in international trade, the botanical garden afforests, the mining industry to throw develops, the coal chemical industry, the comprehensive utilization and so on multi-domain Private enterprise, the group headquarters is situated in the Tianjin economic development zone. The registered capital 510,380,000 Yuan, occupy a land area of 4456 Chinese acres. The group has staff 7000, the total assets 9,400,000,000 Yuan. Has formed the year production agglomerate 4,760,000 tons, the hard 3,420,000 tons, the steel 3,160,000 tons, the material 2,260,000 ton synthesis productivities. In 2007, the glory steel developed thoroughly “to sign tapping latent potentialities, the energy conservation falls consumes” the activity, the production operation has obtained the encouraging achievement. Realizes the sales revenue 28,500,000,000 Yuan, the profits and taxes 2,970,000,000 Yuan, in 2007, the announcement Chinese Enterprise 500 strong glory arranges in order 159, manufacturing industry 500 strong 77, Tianjin hundred strong Private enterprise 1st.


Steel Fabricator / Cut and Bend Plant