Basic Information

History of TEZSAN MAKİNE, beginning when Ethem Mandıracı got a start in business as an apprentice in a small firm in 1967, resembles closely to the history of most successful companies. The sine qua nons such as determination, hard work, education and training, faith, prevision and gaining experience have made TEZSAN MAKİNE, which was initially founded as a small shop in small industrial estate in 1979, a firm operating in 1750 m2 closed area and 5000 m2 open area, producing systems such as machine, conveyor, etc. used in production and processing of the goods produced by the biggest firms of Turkey, having a voice in its own sector and whose productions are used abroad. TEZSAN MAKİNE, which went into operation with 1 turning lathe, 1 drill and 1 welding machine performed small scale production, producing only truck, bus, tractor and trailer pieces. TEZSAN developed its machinery in production by increasing its capacity in the time of progress and became a company in 1996, the company moved to the place in the Industrial Zone of Eskişehir, where it has its business activities now, in 1998. TEZSAN MAKİNE, meeting all the requirements of technology as a family company, makes production with ISO 9001:2000 Quality System Certificate and carries on its development and growth with its CNC and manual counters, experienced engineers and staff. Our deep regards TEZSAN MAKİNA OUR QUALITY POLICY Aim of Tezsan Makine Company Accommodating its management concept, continuous development philosophy, management and systems to TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT in all processes, getting its personnel to adopt this notion and increasing its market share, profitability and competitive power. Consequently our quality policy is; * Meeting customer's needs and expectations completely, on time and economically, securing customer satisfaction. * Following and implementing the technological developments related to our sector closely * Making our personnel adopt the quality concept and the principle of "the enterprise is not only owned by the boss but also by us". * Increasing our market share by quality consciousness, accommodating to technological improvements and continuous amendments. * Preparing our company to future projects with quality concept and growing in a balanced manner. "DISCIPLINE AT WORK BRINGS QUALITY, QUALITY BRINGS THE FUTURE"


Machine Manufacturer