Basic Information

The Shanghai rice blue bases for a long time the steel and iron trade, products and so on proxy and self-management each kind of cold hot rolling plate, galvanization volume board, spiral steel, section and billet. The overseas direct supplier spreads Ukraine, Russia, India, Brazil, Japan, and so on countries. And takes the domestic large-scale steel mill the partner, has established the good cooperation with the famous steel mill, for example: Nanking Steel Works, this steel, Sha Gang, Baoshan Steel Corporation, Tangshan Iron & Steel Group Co., Ltd and so on. The company stressed that the market direction and the good faith management, take seriously with the customer establishment long-term, to be stable, to be win-win, the happy cooperation, proliferates East China, North China, South China with it long-term cooperation's domestic customer and so on domestic each region, the overseas customer spreads European, South America, the Middle East as well as the Southeast Asia.


Trader (International)