Basic Information

SERTEL is a leading manufacturer company since the company has founded in 1994. Akdeniz is located in Mersin,South of Turkey with having the advantage of vicinity to the port and manufactures mainly; wire coil nails / Plastic strip nails / Paper strip nails/ Electro galvanized nails/ Loose nails/ Roofing nails/ Epal loose nails / Square nails/ Plastic strip square nails/ Construction nails /Electro –diffusion coated nails /Galvanized wire / Barbed wire / Annealed wire / Stitching wire intended for national and international markets. Meanwhile,we meet 70% demands of the domestic market in Turkey,by the way,they have exporting their products to many European countries,Middle East countries and USA . The annual export volume of our company is about Usd.10.000.000.- Currently ,the export per month is about 40 containers to the countries namely Ireland,Finland,Holland;Germany; Italy;France;Netherland;Romania;Greece;Portugal;Belgium;Spain;Moldavia;Egypt,Israel,Jordan… Akdeniz has a principle of making consistent investments and has achieved to become a fast-growing company which expands its product range and improves its standards in quality and innovations accordingly to the latest technology. We have certificates such as ; ISO , EPAL CERTIFICATE ,SIEMENS > TEST REPORT(salt spray test for to test the strength tensile of the galvanized coating for electro –diffusion coated nails) Our major strategy depends on customer satisfaction by suppliying a good quality with competitive quotations with precise delivery dates.We’d like to inform that the order will be ready in maximum 14 days after your confirmation. They hope to establish a long-term business with mutual benefits. Should have any further information,please do not hesitate to get in touch with them. The firm is a producer as well as an exporter. The main bank that they are dealing with TEB, Anadolu, Kuveyt Turk, Akbank,Halk Bank. They have quality certificate to meet all the export needings. The main quality certificiates are ISO 9001, CE,TSE and LOYDD. Their tax office is Uray and their tax number is 02100490 Company mail address is


Wire / Steel Rope Producer