Basic Information

Founded in 1973, Özyaşar Tel ve Galvanizleme Sanayi A.Ş. is a family company giving service in the wire and wire products industry with its headquarters located in Istanbul. They export galvanised wire.Our manufacturing plants are highly strategically located in terms of logistics, having an approximate proximity of 90 km to the city centre of Istanbul and to the Atatürk Airport, 10 km to the biggest sea port, 25 km to the container port and 12 km to the international highway passing all through Turkey. The plant is established on a total of 75,000 m2 with a 30.000 m2 closed space in Silivri, Değirmenköy. As a result of the experience and expertise being in the industry of wire manufacture and being active in commercial activities for 35 years, our company is the sector leader in Turkey with its production capacity and for its exports, as well as it has an important place among the limited number of manufacturers in Europe. Moreover, with the sense of responsibility for its customers and regarding its contributions in the national economy, our company has adopted a strategy of dynamic structuring, product diversification, sustained improvements in service and technology. For this objective, the company completed its investments of Phase 2 in 2007 and increased its capacity to an annual production of 110,000 tones with the environment-friendly treatment facilities including medium and high carbon wire products and its hot-dipping galvanized wire capacity, its primary area of production (60% of its total production), to an annual capacity of 66,000 tones including 12,000 tones of armor wire manufacture. In the meantime, the company manufactures 14,000 tones of annealed wires, 6,000 tones of medium and high carbon wires and 5,000 tones of nails, which is the most classic wire product, annually. Our company plans to complete its investment program in the Phase 3 in mid-2008. With this program, the company will increase its production capacity by 15% and will begin manufacturing 130,000 tones of wires annually. This increase in general will comprise medium and high carbon wires, bright rolled wires and rope wires and environment security systems, the new products. Özyaşar Tel ve Galvanizleme Sanayi A.Ş. proved its responsibility for its customers, quality, employees and environment by being granted with the certificates TSE & TSEK, ISO 9001-2000, TS 18001:2004 OHSAŞ and ISO 14001:2004.


Wire / Steel Rope Producer