Basic Information

Million Link was registered in China in 1993,its main purpose is exporting products of Chinese origin to the rest of the world and importing goods from all over the world to China. We can safely say that our company has a nationwide business network and we are of course familiar with all the difficulties and problems encountered by business people seeking to supply goods to China and purchase from China. We also are more conversant with the world outside China than other Chinese trading and manufacturing companies. China both as a market and a source of supplies is now being given worldwide recongnition. Our main business area covers import and export of industrial chemicals, raw materials plus refractories of irom and steel industry, dyestuffs, pigments, intermediates, fasteners, metals, fluororchemicals, etc. Customers will benefit from our supplies and services. We will do our best to satisfy you when you come to us. Please do not hesitate to contact any of our staff, our well trained sales managers concerned will respond immediately.


Trader (International)