Basic Information

The journey began in 1972 with the founding of COUTIER SA, specialising in the production of plastics parts, Independently in 1981, MGI SA was created as a commercial company equipped with its own R&D facilities. MGI COUTIER was born in 1989 from the merger of both and focussed on plastics component production for the automotive industry. The company flourished and was floated on the Paris Stock Exchange in 1994. The international expansion of MGI COUTIER began in 1991 with share purchases in some Spanish companies, followed by the same operation in Turkey, Italy and China. All evolved successfully and today the group has fully owned subsidiaries in each of the above mentioned countries. In addition in 1996 MGI COUTIER TUNISIE was created near Tunis and 1997 saw our expansion into South America with the setting up of MGI COUTIER ARGENTINA in Cordoba, and later, MGI COUTIER BRAZIL in Sao Paulo. In 1999 MGI COUTIER MEXICO was set up in Saltillo


Automotive Main & Subsidiary Industry