Basic Information

Alloy LUYI County Leaf Limited (formerly LUYI County Smelting Plant), was founded in 1990. Plain Yudong LUYI Laozi's hometown -- in the county (34 economic and technological development zones in iron), Shen business environment and highway wear, The company covers 19,700 square meters and a building area of 5,800 square meters.320 cadres and workers of the company, 35 managers, eight senior engineer, technical staff of 25 people, four research staff, the staff of 248 people. With 32 million yuan in fixed assets, the existing production line 4 of MoO3 reverberatory furnace; MoO3 converter production lines back 2; The four 3-ton molybdenum iron smelting furnace, Japan produces 18 tons of ferro molybdenum vanadium; 150-ton iron production line 1, Japan produces 15 tons; 150 ferrovanadium production of one ton of high-titanium alloy; Molybdenum Production Line 2 of the block; is devoted to the production of non-ferrous metal processing enterprises. Its main products are : Mo-Fe; TR; Ferrovanadium; Molybdenum block series ferroalloy products. Self-testing company, advanced technology, quality products can reach the state standards.Sell products nationwide, and its main distribution network : Liaoning Fushun Special Steel Company, Ltd., Hubei East Special Steel Company, Ltd., Dalian Taurus, Ltd., Taiyuan Iron and Steel Group Company, Shanxi, Xinjiang Bayi Iron and Steel company. Some products indirectly exported to Japan, Turkey, and other countries and regions.


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