Basic Information

Developing period of KAYMET , which started from the 1970’s, has been continuing to go forward through using its own assets completely. Day by day while enlarging its market share in domestic market, KAYMET has also begun to export the quality products. Our target is not only to enlarge our market share in domestic market, but it is also to expand our quality products and services to the different regions of the world. Our Policy on Supplying and Selling: 1. To meet the customers’ requirements in time, with the best price and the most suitable payment-delivery terms. 2. To be flexible against the dynamic market conditions and the customers’ requirements. 3. To believe in the importance of gaining customer. 4. To follow up innovation on the markets and to reflect it to the customers as high quality and low-priced products. 5. To continue being a reference source with the high quality and low-priced products. 6. To adopt developing and continuously renovating as a principle. Products: * Square and Rectangular Hollow Sections * Industrial Tubes * NPI - NPU Profiles * Angle Bars * Galvanised and black water pipes * Naturel Gas Pipes * Hot and Cold Rolled Steel Plates * Cutting Steel Plate in requested sizes at the thicknesses 0.50-20 mm. * Bending Steel Plate in requested sizes at the thickness up to 15 mm. * Chequered, Corrugated, Trapezoid Steel Sheets * Steel Door and Door Frames. * Flat Iron Bars, Scraping Iron and Square Iron Bars


Trader (Local)

2012 USD 5.000.001 - 50.000.000