Basic Information

El Wataneya for Mining and Quarries is an Egyptian joint stock Mining company. The company was formed by the interests representing Mr. Mohammed El Sayyad, who were formerly involved in the steel trade as well as certain minerals but who now concentrate on phosphate rock production. El Wataneya for Mining and Quarries works in the field of research, extraction, preparation and upgrading of minerals in predominantly phosphate-rock in the Nile Valley- Red Sea- The Eastern & Western desert. Owning 16 phoshphate mines in the Nile Valley with an approximate total area of 300km2. El Wataneya had recently acquired seven former government owned mines in East El Sebaiya, one of which; El Kelh has been operating for about 12 month. While a second Nagae is just at the beginning operations, the two mines each have a capacity of 50,000t/m.


Mining Company