Basic Information

Ekinciler Iron and Steel Ind.Inc. was founded on a 240.000 m2field in Iskenderun in 1983. Now to have became the integrated giant with its meltshop, rolling mill oxygen plants, quality control laboratories, tracing every phase of the manufacturing processing auxiliary units with its most advanced technologies and high export capacity. Their production is as follows: Reinforcement Steel Bars (Straight-Deformed-Weldable) Diameter : 8 – 50 mm Length : 6 – 18 m Standards : BS, ASTM, ELOT, JIS, JS, NFA, EN, UNI, UNE, SS-2, DIN AS 1302, TSE, CS2, ISO, KS, CSA, LNEC, and Special Compositions. Billets Size : 100 – 150 mm square Length : 6 – 12 m. They have almost all of the European Homologation Certificates including; UK Cares, German LGA, Spanish CSIC(B500S – B500SD), French AFCAB, Italian Certificate, Netherlands KIWA, Sweden SBS, Norway, Belgium BENOR, Portugal CERTIF, etc. The company exports rebars and billet.


Crude Steel Producer (BOF, EAF, Mini Mill, Induction Furnace)

2011 USD 50.000.000 and above