Basic Information

We have been producing steel with cupolar furnaces since the 1960s. In that same period, Dongkuk Steel operated a 50-ton melting furnace, a first in Korea. Dongkuk is also credited with opening the era of the modern electric arc furnace in Korea. Beginning with a 15-ton AC furnace, then introducing a DC furnace in the early 1990s, Dongkuk paved the way for the mass production era of quality shape steel and re-bar. With the initial launch of steel plate manufacturing In 1971, another first in Korea, Dongkuk’s business structure was restructured to produce plates and steel bars (deformed bars, sections). Today, Dongkuk produces three million tons of crude steel and 5.6 million tons of steel products a year, while plates, deformed bars, sections remain the company’s major products.

Korea (South)

Crude Steel Producer (BOF, EAF, Mini Mill, Induction Furnace)