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Manufacturer of Rebars, Pipes and PPGI

Conares Metal Supply Ltd is a manufacturer of rebars and ERW pipes based in Dubai, UAE with a total annual output capacity of more than 700,000 mt of steel products. Conares’ rebar mill (500,000 mt) produces 8-36 mm reinforcing bars and 14-36 mm round bars. By the end of 2012, Conares plans to expand its bar size range up to 40 mm. The reinforced products are CARES and DCL certified for BS4449:1997 460B/BS4449:2005 B500B and are approved by the Sri Lanka Standards Institution and the Hong Kong Civil Engineering and Development Department. Conares can also produce rebars according to leading international standards, namely ASTM A615 (USA), SASO SSA2 (KSA), SLS 375 : 2009 (Sri Lanka), IS 1786:2008 (India) and equivalents. Apart from catering to the UAE domestic market, Conares also exports bars to the GCC countries (KSA, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman), Ethiopia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Sri Lanka and India. Conares also operates an ERW pipe mill (180,000 mt) and a pipe galvanizing line (36,000 mt) to produce ERW pipes and tubes (black and hot dip galvanized) in the size range of ½”-4”. The tubes and pipes are UL-listed conforming to ASTM A 53 SCH 40/80 and ASTM A 795 SCH 10 in Grade A or B and CE certified as per EN 10255 and EN 10219. Pipes can also be produced as per EN 39-2001, while hollow sections conform to ASTM A500 in Grades A, B and C. Conares’ pipes and tubes have a strong presence in the US, Canada, Latin America, Europe and Australia, as well as in the domestic and GCC markets. Conares’ quality management system is ISO certified.

United Arab Emirates

Rolling Mill

1000 mton

2020 USD 50.000.000 and above


80 ton/hr debar mill from Siemens-VAIT of Italy.Rebar rolling mill - 500, 000 mt per annum Pipes & Tubes mill - 180,000 mt per annum Pipe galvanizing line - 36,000 mt per annum