Basic Information

On 31.01.1979, our company was established with the transfer of the Osman Yücel and his brothers` company to the Çelsantaş Steel products company primarily aimed to manufacture of various dimensions angles and NPI-NPU profiles. We produce angles in the sizes of 20x20x2 up to 120x120x12 and UPN - IPN profiles in the sizes of 65-140, for both domestic and export markets. As a result of investments made in the course of time and technological advances that increase the capacity, the company is still producing angles and profiles for domestic market and for export as well. Factory is comprised of 6694 m2 covered. Warehouse in Karabük is 12,100m2 of which 11,500 m2 is covered. Warehouse in Gebze consists of a total area of 28,727 m2 of covered area. Our factory has a production capacity of 150,000 tons per year


Rolling Mill