Basic Information

CELIK GRANUL, established on an area of 14.250 m² of which 2.500 m² is closed area, with its 13.000 tons of steel-shot manufacturing capacity per year, is in the position of being the first and the most important abrasive manufacturer of Turkey. Its modern manufacturing technology and the Total Quality understanding has made CELIK GRANUL the demanded brand in both domestic and overseas markets. Besides having the high quality products, the firm CELIK GRANUL, that serves the technical service for providing maximum productivity about cleaning quality and the use of shots that directly effects the costs, realizes technical data trade that does not just consist of sales. In scope of post-sales services, besides the choice and the use of appropriate shots for various applications, the process controlling studies about increasing the productivity and the lifetime of sandblasting machines’ apparatuses are performed. With our understanding of distinctive service, high quality, and good prices, we share with our customers the rightful proud of being Turkey’s the first, the biggest and the only producer of Low Carbon Steel-Shot with Bainitic structure and having continuous developments. In 2004, by completing the required studies, it is qualified with ISO 9001-2000 Quality System Certificate from the company KEMA.