Basic Information

Please note that some of our products which more than 1500. Braked and unbraked trailer axle, hubs and brake drums, hydraulic and mechanic steering axles, tandem and reverse leaf spring system, turntables, tyres and wheels, telescobic hydraulic cylinders, single acting and double acting hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic lift hose and jacks, control arms, parabolic and normal leaf spring, parking jack with gear and with bearing, towing eye systems, drawbolts, cultivator springs, water tanks, centrifuge pomps, air brake system, tandem leaf spring set, connectors and spring pegs, bolts and key bolts, axis nut, rear lamp, reflectors, pins and wedges, lock and hinge systems, pickup and dump hinges, tube sockets, hand winches, e-certificated king pins, twist lock, landing leg, hanger bracket BP type, air tubes and oil tubes, drawbar eyes with 8 holes, drawbar couplings, fifth wheel, truck couplings, couplings with ball, tool box, chock wişth bracket, mudguards for single and double tyre, aluminium profiles, eyebolts, spare wheel jacks for truck and trailer, PVC seal, Rear door hinges and locks, chrome hinges and locks for refrigerated vehicles, slam locks, trailer locks, cover springs back and side, tortion axles with brake and without brake, coupling head, ball hitches, e-certificated drawbolts, Towing eyes with stage, overrun coupling with brake, plastic and galvanised mudguard, corner steadies and winding handles, hand winches.


Automotive Main & Subsidiary Industry