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We, at bigmap steel would like to introduce ourselves as the importers of ferro alloys, metals ab50nd other steel & iron plant requisites.We, at bigmap steel are committed to offering ferro alloys products. Close co-operation with carefully selected producers in the cis, south africa, india, brazil, turkey, egypt and china and other producing countries and sources of supply guarantee continuity in quality and performance.Aim:Quality, delivery, competitive prices and service with a smile, which unfortunately you don't get to see.Quality:Each shipment is surveyed and reported by world class inspection agencies to provide flawless quality to our customers.Products:Ferro alloys:Ferro chromeSilicon manganese Ferro silicon Ferro manganese` Molybdenum oxides & concentratesFerro tungstenFerro niobium other steel plant requisities:Ferro titanium 30% & 70%Ferro vanadium 50% & 80%Ferro molybdenum Other minor & noble alloys Ferro silico calcium (calcium silicide) tantalite


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