Basic Information

Beijing HIKARI Trading Company Ltd. registered with. Beijing Industry & Commerce Administration Bureau was founded in January1998. It professionally engages in the following services – product development, manufacturing & processing and export of Non-Metal Minerals, Ores, Non-Ferrous Metals and Alloy Iron. HIKARI's products have been exported to Japan, Korea, other South-East Asian countries and to Tai Wan, Hong Kong(SAR). It covers the industries of paper, ceramics, building materials, iron & steel etc. By means of direct investment in mining, manufacturing enterprises and processing trade etc., HIKARI has successfully achieved the goal of industry and trade integration and diversified economy. HIKARI has an efficient system of responsibility that covers the whole process of trade,Including the mine selections, raw material processing, sales & export shipping. This guarantees the eligible products are well received by our clients. In these years of business, HIKARI has been constantly developing new products in meeting with the needs of the clients and the change of the market. It's annual volume of trade has exceeded 5million US$, instead of 1 million for the first year.


Trader (International)