Basic Information

Bazhou Dongsheng Metal Products Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of hot-dip galvanizing steel and keels products. The company currently boasts four sets of 600mm hot-dip galvanizing steel production lines, nine sets of 450mm-650mm reversible mills, 2-cover type of shine anneal furnace, and 20 sets of light steel keel machines. It is capable of manufacturing 80,000MT hot-dip galvanizing steel (width: 20 - 500mm and thickness: 0.2 - 2.0mm), 15,000MT shine steel and 30,000MT light-gauge steel joists. At the same time, this company also produces hop-strip steel, with the width of 180mm-720mm, thickness of 2.0-5.0mm and materials of Q195, Q195L and 08AL. It has obtained the certification of ISO9001 in 2003.


Galvanizing Plant