Basic Information

Aykal Mold Ltd has been running in mold industry business since 1988. Producer of customer specific or custom modified metal shaping and cutting molds. We started out to make molds and produce parts in the shotgun market.Aykal Mold has emerged into a major player in the Turkey market making molds and producing some parts of shotgun, electric, electronic, telecommunication and kitchen products over the past several years. Now on we have more then 1.500 our customer molds in warehouse in order to produce those 3.500 different products. We are so keen on to keep confidentially customers technical information. Our policy is not and never will be in the market for the fast-buck here-today gone-tomorrow type attitude. Instead we are here for the long haul as 16 years of mold makers and producer of parts. Aykal Mold has carefully developed the molds and products not based on our requirements but rather the requirements of our customers. For the best customer satisfaction, we produce only top quality molds and products with rely on date line in order to give our customers the best service and peace of mind that what they purchase will hold up to the scrutiny of today's demanding requirements. In our factory, there are 6 Mills, 2 Lathes, 2 Precision Automatic Surface Grinder, horizontal and vertical CNC and 12 Eccentric Pres and other material processing machineries.


Die & Mould Producer