Basic Information

Ameco Ltda. is a construction company founded in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, in 1987. We offer construction services in the following areas: a) Road construction. We have been in road construction for more than 15 years. Our experience includes construction and paving of national and provincial roads and bridges as well as urban avenues and streets. b) Residential and building construction. We build horizontal flats and office buildings as well as multifamily housing construction projects. We are also in the bussiness of import and commercialization of construction equipment and materials. We are active buyers&sellers in the following markets: a) asphalt and cement for road construction b) iron and steel products for road construction and building structures The main steel materials we deal with either as buyer or seller are the following: a) Corrugated steel for building structures and roofing b) Corrugated steel for drainage structures c) Corrugated steel for bridges


Construction / Subcontractor