Basic Information

altiti steel trading was staged as a trading company and has been synonymous to steel in the local market. With its alliance with the various steel mills around the world, Conaraltiti steel trading the middleeast market with steel products. Our clientele includes pre-engineering companies, major steel trading companies, construction companies etc. altiti steel trading is currently operating a tube mill plant at its facility in jaber Free Zone to manufacture Pipes & Tubes (round, Square & Rectangular) with a rated capacity of 120,000 tons per annum (Existing Size Range 1/2" - 4") and has also contracted to purchase 2 more lines to add to its existing 2 lines. After the installation of the 2 new lines the rated capacity will go upto 395,000 tons per annum (New Size Range 1/2" - 12"). altiti steel trading is also in the process of installing a pipe galvanizing facility to allow the company to galvanize the pipes from 1/2" to 6". Conares tube mill facility is ISO certified and the pipes are also UL certified. altiti steel trading is also installing an 80 ton / hr debar mill from Siemens-Via of Italy. The debar plant will have an estimated annual capacity of 500,000 tons per annum. The facility will be able to produce debar from 8 mm dia to 32 mm dia and will be ready for commercial production within a few months.


Pipe Distributor