Basic Information

Our firm was established in 1987. Since that time, has been servicing to the leading industrial firms of Turkey on the electric&electronic, automotive, white goods, small house hold equipment sectors by producing terminals,connectors,insulation housings plug inserts,cable groups and moulds. By producing the standart series and special molds, made the industry inclined towards the domestic market. The principal of our firm by the first day is to realize our truths without sacrificing from quality. By our significant work with specialists in terminalsand the support of our qualified labor, our firm grew up year by year. By updating our production thechnology , we made the production speed and the quality level higher. This firm became the leading firm in its sector owing to the fifteen years of knowledge, quality, consumer portfolio, variety of products and price policy. Besides, Ay-Ge Mold Electric has been established for AKE because of the demand for mold and plug insert production before all. For the last four years, their export potential has increased in the end of our external studies. In the coming years, they would like to increase their exportation rate which is %40 by now, %80 in total production. In addition to the production, owing to our developing quality knowledge, their firm has the ISO 9002, QS 9000,VDE and TSEK quality certificates in product and became a world brand. The domestic firms which they are working with are ARÇELİK, MAKO, BOSCH, PROFİLO,BEKO, KUMTEL, NURSAN and their side industries. By selling the %60 of its products to domestic market and exporting the %40, AKE is one of the leading firms which assisting in their countries growing exportation potential. The main countries which they export are Iran, Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Algeria and Bulgaria.


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