Basic Information

ABM STEEL UK LTD. is an international steel trader and stockist company, established in 2008. Our company is one of the most reliable and stable supplier of constructional steel, located in United Kingdom and in Turkey. ABM STEEL UK LTD. handles every element involved in sourcing and trading of steel. We are exporting steel products to 35 countries located in different continents such as South America, Middle East, Africa and Europe. Besides Turkish origin, depending on the demand, ABM STEEL sources steel from China, CIS countires and EU by means of our strong relations with international prime quality factories. In addition to ABM STEEL UK LTD’s carbon steel sources, we have been succesfully delivering stainless steel products to our customers since 2009. Our experiences, and the long-term connections between our local steel hubs and the markets they serve, provides us a vast resource of steel products and logistical services which we integrate into a global picture of all commerical needs.

United Kingdom

Trader (International)