Basic Information

The company exports rebars and billets. Foundation of Nursan Group Company bases on year of 1984. Nursan Haddecilik A.Ş that was founded by Mr. İlyas KELES for purpose of iron steel manufacture, has placed in Middle East region through its production quality, customer satisfaction and professional team. Nursan Haddecilik AŞ has increased its production capacity to 300% by its established trust and quality for last 5 years. In contrast with this, foundation of Nursan Metalurji A.Ş laid in order to produce in world standards in 2002. Nursan Metalurji same as Nursan Haddecilik has placed in sector rapidly and has placed in list of ISO 500 as from 2005. Nursan Metalurji has bounced at ISO 500 numbers in 2006 and placed number 102. Nursan Haddecilik placed in the number 89 of this list and is one of leader in the sector. Commercial companies such as Nursan Dış Ticaret (Foreign Trade) and Nursan Demir Çelik Pazarlama (Iron Steel Marketing) have given weight to group besides 23 years industrial work experience and allow exporting to 5 mainland of world. Group has placed number 89 within first 1000 exportation companies in TIM data as from year 2006 data. Nursan is within shiner star of region and Turkey through its Energy and Port investments Nursan Haddecili,k AS. produce and export billet and rebar. They work with Garanti Bank. SAI GLOBAL - TS EN, BUREAU VERITAS - ISO9001:2000, BDS EN -10080:2006 ENGLISH , BDS EN -10080:2006 RUSSIAN, TSE-ISO-EN 9000 , TSE-ISO-EN 9000 EK


Crude Steel Producer (BOF, EAF, Mini Mill, Induction Furnace)