Basic Information
We set out to fulfill your demand!

Thanks to the experience we have gained in the iron and steel industry for many years, we supply iron and steel products to all over the world in line with our customers’ needs and also support them in financing, logistics, quality control and customs clearance stages. Our company also aims to provide technical information and support on product selection, alternative quality research/presentation and world trends on your focused products. FECON has several years of experience to provide Turkish suppliers to increase their export capacity. With our enormous network lines, we are able to provide products based on our customers’ preferences along with the competitive prices. The fact that we are in contact with metal markets all around the world, it directs us to analyze iron and steel trends in wider perspective and forecast the market trends accurately. We do not hesitate to share our market knowledge with our customers to support their sales. Also, as first abbreviation of FE in our name represents “Far East”, we aim to create a path for our customers’ to make them safe, continuous and advantageous trade with Far Eastern suppliers.


Trader (International), Stainless Steel Producer/Supplier